What’s Trending on the streets of LA!!?

Spring is approaching all over the country and we are all dying to pull out our shorts and t-shirts, but like most of the US, when we look outside all we see is wet, cold, slushy snow! As a former Minnesota girl, with our loooong winters, I remeber wanting to put on shorts in March because I was tired of looking at snow! I think one year I did and my mom looked at me like I was nuts, I took them off before I went to school (dress-code and all). Now I have traded snow for rain; clearly not learning my lesson. However, now when I feel the need for a little “warm up” I look to LA. This is what is currently trending on the streets of LA…


Fashion Week

Here are a few of the designers seen at Los Angeles’s fashion week

The following are all from L.A

Bryan Hearns

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Roxanne Nikki

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Jeff Linett- Go Red for Women

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Jeff Linett

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Stylish Tots

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2013 Retail Fashions

Because we aren’t all models with a professional hairstylist and makeup artist, street fashions are what we love to spot.


ahh…..can’t go wrong with a good lookin pair of Toms


hmm… velvet?

Is it here to stay, or just a fad.


subtle ruffles can bring a casual outfit to a whole new level


Jeans have been changing like crazy these last few seasons.

Now we see metalics?!

Pair them with cute boots and a vintage jacket, you got an edgy but sophisticated look

Looking into the Future

Its already a couple months into 2013, and we are already looking into next years fashions. Well, what are we expecting to see? Lets take a look…



1103d7179914725b0879df40c2116fe7We will be seeing rug like patterns with darker, saturated tones.
We can’t seem to get enough of tribal prints!
But this is a new twist with tribal/florals 
High contrasting colors mixed with black designs
So excited!
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We are seeing a lot of feminine colors next year.
Dots are in now for women and expanding into mens in a smaller size
and of course, the classic camo.

What is Trending for Men

What is trending?

Leather, Leather, and more leather! That is what is trending for both women and MEN! Leather will continue being a trend for 2013 and 2014. It gives an edgy but sophisticated look. Grab a pair of leather pants, jacket, skirt, or vest so that you will continue being trendy!


Justin Bieber looking trendy with his yellow pants and leather jacket


Justin Bieber wearing camo


kanye west wearing leather


Usher wearing bright bold suits


Usher wearing leather


Ryan Gosling wearing leather jacket

The Knockoff Economy

The counterfeit industry is growing increasingly fast. The industry is up $600 million and is expected to double by 2015.


Footwear is number one replicated followed by handbags and fashions. 60% of knockoffs are being imported from China.

Nowadays you have to be careful about what you are purchasing online, especially where people can sell their goods online,  because the price and pictures cannot always portray the true product. eBay says they stop counterfeit bya program that allows “brands or other intellectual property rights owners special tools to report listings,” but there are always loophole

s for sellers to get through.

Brands that are well established are forming creative ways to make it easy to identify that they are the real ones. For example, True Religion Apparel Inc. has a security device in each pair of jeans. Chanel tracks each bag by a specific identification number. “For consumers, the devices are only helpful if they take the product somewhere for verification, such as an official boutique.”

Nike Jordan 1(I) Retro Men Black Yellow Basketball shoes



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